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Our ViraSeal disinfectant coating will help in sanitizing all high touch points at your home and workplace. We trust in making healthier homes and workplaces.

Our Services

COVID19 has made it critical to keep our surfaces clear of the virus. But this is almost impossible to maintain as cleaning the surfaces would be needed at regular intervals with chemicals which have the ability to neutralise the virus

Not anymore.

ViraSeal, disinfection and protection service uses Organosilane technology that kills the virus and also prevent future contamination of bacteria and virus for up to 90 days. This protection can be applied on any surface and is completely safe too.

ViraSeal for Corona Protection

Our antimicrobial protective coating works on a physical killing method which rips apart microbes at the cellular level and electrocutes them further so that the microbes die instantly and lose the ability to infect any host (humans). The protective coating would kill any microbe that has a genome size of 5 kilobase or more. Coronavirus genome size ranges between 27 to 34 kilobase, hence, Coronavirus would be severely electrocuted and killed on surfaces by our antimicrobial coating and any person who further touches this surface would not contract the virus or any other disease-causing pathogens. Our disinfectant coating works against vaccinavirus. Vaccinavirus is a RNA enveloped virus as same as Coronavirus.

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